Ruby Award

Ruby Award

Formerly the Soroptimist Making a Difference for Women Award, the Soroptimist Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women recognizes and honors the first federation president, Ruby Lee Minar. A ruby is also a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, vivacity, power and love: all words embodying the strong and compassionate women who are our award recipients. The Soroptimist Ruby Award honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work and whose work inspires and encourages other women and girls. The award is presented at an event each spring.

Eligibility Requirements

Women who are improving the lives of other women or girls through their professional or personal activities are eligible for the Soroptimist Ruby Award. These women have identified and focused on a need in their communities, which has significantly contributed to the improvement of women and girls’ lives.

Past Recipients

Some of the previous winners of this award on the local level are Author and Philanthropist Deborah Santana, Marin Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke, Former Mayor of Tiburon Terry Hennessy and Former Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena and Rev. Jan Heglund. Both Santana and Kamena were honored to receive both the advance award from the club district and region, which includes Western California, Hawaii and Guam.

How To Nominate A Woman For The Ruby Award

Women may nominate themselves or another woman they feel is deserving of this honor. Please download, complete and mail nomination form to the address below.

** The award application is being revised. Please check back again later. **

Mail to:

Soroptimist International of Marin County
P.O. Box 150704
San Rafael, CA 94915-0704

Nominations are due by December 1st.

If you have any questions, contact Jill Brown Hardy at


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