2005 Fundraising

Soroptimist International of Marin County honored PATTY GARBARINO, President of Marin Sanitary Service, as Marin’s “Making a Difference for Women” Awardee at our Annual 2005 Fundraiser. Patty’s years of dedication as a Special Education Teacher, her advocacy of school improvement issues, as well as her professional involvement in hazardous waste reduction and recycling efforts exemplifies the goal of Soroptimist International which is women helping women. Our 2004 honoree was Deborah Santana who presented the award to Patty.

Our 2005 event was: “Stardust Diamond Grill” at the Mill Valley Community Center, served by Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs with Mistress of Ceremony Jan Wahl.

We are proud to say that we raised over $50,000.

As a result, in June 2005 we donated another $18,000 to the Jeannette Prandi Children’s Center, $7,000 toward the Pickleweed Park Community Center, and $5,000 to the Sarah Varon Foundation for Rett Research.

SIMC has donated almost $40,000 to the Jeannette Prandi Children’s Center over the last two years as the result of our fundraisers.

Other projects we have recently supported West Coast Post-trauma Retreat, Inc. and Marin Fire and Life Safety Program. Each program received $7,000 from us in 2004.

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